My name is Shani, and I’m the creator of Zoozim. I opened my shop at 2012 when I was a college student. I have a Bachelor's degree in graphic design. Since forever I'm all into arts, researching for new ideas and materials. I own a few brands from several departments such as t shirts, pin buttons and clay miniatures. It started long long time ago. My parents bought me this really cute mouse figure necklace made of a colorful material. That was the first time I got to know the Polymer Clay. Short time after I bought a few packages of this clay and started creating anything for anyone. Few years later I came back to this cool material. I got so many creation ideas that I decided I HAVE to open a shop in order to keep creating so many new ideas and release my stash, as well as funding my little hobby. Enjoy my shop, I know I do ;)

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